BONUS #hardtruth Why Resolutions Do NOT Work

I share with you some key tools on how to have success in the New Year…..without resolutions!

Focus on where you want to get to. You drive your Jeep looking out the windshield at where you are going… your life the same way.

New Year Resolutions don’t work for a couple reasons!

Watch this Video to Learn More and Avoid Making The Same Mistakes. 

Hard Truth About Resolutions

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The Steps to Creating Success in 2020!

1. Get clear on where you are right now. How are you starting, current specifics, etc.

2. What is your end result, change or goal that you want to achieve? Be specific in the way life will be once things change to this. 

3. Live in that feeling. How it feels to be at that place. Feel it, believe and remind yourself every day of the feeling of being there standing in this new space. 

4. Make a plan- what you need to do, new habits, habits to change or what you need to add.

5. You can do it! Do not try to do it all at once! Every day just change a little piece and take one step closer. It can not change overnight….but by taking small steps every day it will change! 

6. Celebrate – Celebrate every day! Celebrate every Win!

Take the time to make plans for what you want to achieve, do or change in 2020. Each individual change needs to have its own plan. BUT remember you do not want to focus on more than a couple things to focus on at a time!

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Watch this video.

Take a piece of paper and pen go through the 6 steps to make yourself a plan for each change or goal you have for the New Year.


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