Training Class #1

Re-connect and Find You

Work through the Emotional Guidance Exercise as well as your first 3 pages of your planner.

Live the life you Dream by creating your vision for 2020!

We are working through the re-connect and find you section today.

The Emotional Guide Exercise is the next lesson in this course. You can find it following this video by going to the next lesson.

Work through the first 3 pages in your planner with us on this video. If you do not have your planner yet the download to get the pages is available below.

Take the time to make plans for what you want to achieve, do or change this year. Each individual change needs to have its own plan.

BUT remember you do not want to focus on more than a couple things to focus on at a time!

Having Success this year starts with taking the plan now to get really clear on what you want and don’t want!

Class #1 Training

Lesson: 1

Level: Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced

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Lesson Tasks

Watch this video.

Complete your Homework by creating your Vision Board. 


The downloads for this Lesson:

The first 3 planner pages for Class #1

These are the first 3 pages of your planner that you can download and print to work through the exercises with us together in the video.


Slide Deck for Training Class #1

This is the actual slide deck from Class #2 if you would like to keep all the training material together in one place for your use.


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