Connect and Find YOU!

Take your time and schedule quiet time that you can spend focused on yourself and these exercises. 

There is no one as important as YOU are! It is time to re-connect to the YOU that YOU want to be!

Connect & Find YOU


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Live Training Class #1

Start the year off right with these Release and Bring In Exercises that you can do TODAY.

Watched Video for Class #1



How we start the New Year is important. 

We need to start with our Release Exercise to physically trigger the release of what we do not wish to bring forward with us into 2020. Not to mention it is a lot of fun. 

Grab a couple pieces of paper and pen before you jump into the training video. 

This is the Class from 12/31/19


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Lessons for the Design Your Personal Build and Mods;

Lesson 1 :Release and Bring It Forward

It is time to set up this year for you!

You need to know what it is you no longer want in your life and time to get rid of it. In the same token you need to know what you want to bring more of into your life….and this exercise helps you to get clear.

Lesson 2: Why Resolutions Do Not Work

This is a hard truth….but one we need to talk about. The word Resolution itself can be enough to stop forward progress.

But Why?

What can you do about that so you don’t make these mistakes?

Lesson 3 : Live Class #1 Connect and Find You

Time to work through the first 3 pages and the Emotional Guidance Exercise together.

This is the replay of the Class #1 Connect and Find You, Live Training Webinar as your training video.

Lesson 4 :Emotional Guidance

Understand how to use your Emotions as Guidance to help make decisions on what you want and don’t want for the year.

This exercise takes you through how to feel and understand when your emotions are helping to tell you Yes or No on what is ahead of you.


The downloads for the Section #1 Lessons:

 Release and Let Go Of Download Worksheet


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