Challenge Day 1 Lesson

NO RESOLUTIONS & NO GOALS to focus on today! Today is all about living in a FEELING!

“There is no shortcut . It takes time to build a better, stronger, version of yourself.” – Gymaholic

Trail Etiquette is something that is so important to know before you head off to an event or a ride.

You don’t hear a lot of people talk about Trail Etiquette, it seems to be one of those things you are just suppose to know. Well….we believe in teaching what you need to know so you aren’t having to learn as you go.

In this introduction and Tip #1 we cover your attitude and what a crucial part that is to ensure you and those around you have a great time. You want to be a driver people want to go out and ride with.

Start by Capturing the FEELING and VISION today

That is your only focus!

If you missed today’s Challenge Day 1 LIVE Video make sure to watch it!
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For this exercise you will fill in the blanks as you read through this next paragraph.
Write whatever you feel as you read through each statement. Your statement, if you were explaining why you can’t live in JOY one hundred percent of the time:

Have FUN with this exercise today!

Start off the beginning of the New Year in a place of Joy, Excitement, Fun and Day Dreaming.

Take the time and really get into the future moment of the WHO or the WHAT your New Life ahead looks and feels like.

What does the change for this year look and feel like if you were to jump ahead and already be living in that space and moment?
Capture that RIGHT NOW. The more detail the better!

Use a piece of paper or page 6 under the “My Dreams” section of your 2020 Drive Your Life Planner.


We You are creating your “why” today that will help you to keep going, know what you are reaching for, and have the emotional attachment to get you there.

Lesson Tasks

Take judgement and bias out as you do this exercise today!

You are not thinking or focusing on the “how” today at all!

No goals, no changes, none of that!

Today is about focusing on the Feeling! Capture that feeling on a piece of paper or on page 6 of your 2020 Drive Your Life Planner under “My Dreams”


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