Challenge Day 7 Lesson

It is time to write out and map out the changes you will incorporate with this Live Your Perfect 10 Exercise!

Change is hard….but with change comes new opportunities.
To Live The Perfect 10 you have to have a plan of what things you need to remove and what things you need to add into your life.

 Turn back to your Living The Perfect 10 pages

  • You created a starting point and ranking for each aspect of life currently.
  • You mapped out where your time and focus currently is concentrated.
  • You moved to designing what the future Perfect 10 Looks like

 It is time to create the plan

Let’s jump in and get started with the Challenge Day 7 Lesson

  • Move down to the bottom section on page 2 – “Things to Remove or Add as your focus step in each aspect of life.
  • Begin to fill in for each one of those aspects….what do you need to add and what do you need to remove to go from current to future circle? These could be mindsets, focus, time management, being present, saying no to __________, etc.

Take your time today as you work through this piece!

You can come back and add or cross off things from this list as you continue down the trail this year. The more specific you can be the more successful this exercise will be for you. You can flip to your Progress Road Sheet we created together as well for more thoughts and ideas.

Why are we spending so much time on the same aspects, such as the plan?

The more you do something or focus on it, the more it becomes mentally and emotionally ingrained in the subconscious.

You can not expect something to change unless you make changes.

Lesson Tasks

Lesson Tasks
Fill in the changes you want to make in each aspect or section of your life


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