Challenge Day 6 Lesson

The Lady Jeepers Progress Road Steps 4

Step 4 is now the plan and process to break through your Brick wall on your Progress Road.
You worked through Step 1,2 and 3. Now we move forward onto Step 4.

Look at the names of the brick on your wall. Then look at Step 4. What steps are you going to have to take to break that wall down brick by brick.

Section IV

  • What is the opposite of the name of your brick? Sometimes by knowing what we do not want it can make it easier to jump straight over to the opposite of that. The opposite is what you do want in your life.
  • What will it take to break that brick apart? Is it a new habit? Is it something you need to learn? What does it take to break that brick apart? That is the path you are creating in section IIII
  • Start with “THE PATH” first section in section 4 – what changes or things will you need to do in order to reach your goals and break a brick down for good? Make a list. If you need more room download and print the download below or use an extra piece of paper.
  • NEW HABITS – What new habits will you need to form in order to reach your goal? More sleep? Break time into time blocks? Eat healthier so replace _______ food with ______ food. Make sure to get specific on your New Habit you will need to create.
  • WHO WILL I BECOME – How will you change? What will shift? Again, think detail.

Take your time today as you work through this piece! You can revisit this and continue to add to it. The steps and the path are important to help you break down those bricks once and for all to allow a clear road on your trail. The Path (step 4) are the ways to succeed in breaking through those bricks.

Work on small changes and shifts everyday! This is not a get it all done in one day process.

Lesson Tasks

Take your time to work through all 3 parts of today’s Lesson.

Try to use as much detail as possible.


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