Challenge Day 31 Lesson

Your book is full of blank pages….write your own story!

You are creating your own book & story with the pages that you write.

Our 30 Day Challenge has to come to end….BUT this is your beginning!

The last 30 Days you have gained tools, exercises and mindsets that you can use all year long!

The focus you have spent on yourself also gave you an opportunity to tune into what you REALLY want and don’t want in your life.

It is time to continue your story.

Everyday is a new blank page that you decide how to fill in.
What will you focus on?
Where will go?
Who will you spend your time with?
What will you fill in these pages the rest of this year?

Celebrate that you took time for you over the past 30 Days!

Reflect on how this New Year has been over the past 30 Days.

Stick to your Schedule & Keep putting in time for you!
We will have a check in to see how things are going in March. That is the third month into the New Year. I can’t wait to hear the story you write between now and then!

Congratulations on being at this Challenge Lesson!

Taking time for YOU and giving yourself a part on the back and doing something that feels special to you is how you keep yourself moving forward.

See you at the next Check In.

Lesson Tasks

Celebrate you took this time for you!!

Get a journal or notebook and fill in your daily story.

Get Connected!

Make sure you get connected so you know where to look for posts, live training and more. We don’t want you to miss a thing.


Make sure you are connected to each other. 

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