Challenge Day 25 Lesson

Get Clear On Knowing Your Values

Know what you feel at your core today.

As you begin to identify your values, you begin to reconnect with yourself on a soul level as well as your emotional level.

You may feel a sense of realignment that helps to see where you should (should not) be spending your precious time and energy.

Following is a random list of words, nouns, verbs and phrases for you to read through.

I want you to write down any word or phrase that feels right to you. (Or download the .pdf and circle the words.)

Pay attention to words that jump out at you. Pay close attention to what you feel you “should” choose and what you “want” to choose. Circle or write down the words that speak to the essence of who you are.

Don’t think to much! Close your eyes, take a few deep breathes and establish your connection between your head and your heart and respond from that place.

The Value List

You have a long list of words.

Read through only the words that you picked for you.

Once you have read the list one time I want you to go back into your list and pick the Top 10 Words that call out to you or speak to you the loudest. Keep the “should” pick out of this.

Suspend all judgement and don’t “think” about each word but feel how the word makes you feel inside.

These are your values and what you hold and feel at your core.

When you need a moment alone with yourself and to have an inner self conversation….come back to this list and read your words. Read through your list one time.

Close your eyes.

Relax and breathe for a moment.

Open your eyes and look at this list of 10 as if it was brand new and you had not just created it.
Which 4 words speak or call out to you the greatest as you read through this?

You have created your Top 4 List.

What does that mean?

At the deepest level THESE are what make you who YOU are. These are you beliefs, desires, thoughts and the things that fill you with a passion. Your heart expands and your energy shifts when you connect to living with these 4 values at your focus. For this week…..remind yourself everyday of these 4 values. Focus on incorporating more of this everyday, just a little at a time, into your life. (Put this in your daily tracker)

Use this exercise to connect to you and what you feel. This is your 15 minutes for YOU to spend having a conversation with your inner self

Lesson Tasks

Get Quiet

Choose your words from the value list

Narrow that down to 10 top words

Narrow that down to your top 4 words

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