Challenge Day 24 Lesson

I Know What I Don’t Want!

It is easier to know what it is you do not want vs. what it is you do want

If someone asked you “What is it that you want” that can be a hard question and involve taking time to think about it.

But….if someone came up and asked you, “What is it that you don’t want in your life?”

That can be easier. The answers seem to just flow.

The most resistance

A lot of times the loudest voice we hear is the thing with the most resistance. Such as…the things we don’t want. Those cause us the most discomfort.

Grab a piece of paper and write “What I Don’t Want” on the top left side of the paper. (This is your left column)

Now let the answers Flow….write until you think you have most of the “don’t wants” written out.

On the right side of the paper at the top, write “What I Do Want.”

Directly across from your “do not want” write what the opposite of that is, the “I Want.”


Don’t Want – feeling tired 

I Want – Energy and Feel Good

Do this for all the “Don’t Wants” on your paper. Then read them to yourself.
I Don’t Want _______________ which means I Do Want ____________.
Read these a couple times a week and start to train your thinking patterns. The more you train yourself to focus on the “I Want” or the opposite of what you do not want then your thought patterns shift with it. It makes it easier and easier to find the “I Want” much quicker.

Train your brain thought patterns by re-visiting this exercise a couple times a week!

Lesson Tasks

Create your “Do Not Want” list

The opposite helps you create your “I Want” List

Re-visit this!!!!

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