Challenge Day 22 Lesson

Who has your Jeep helped you become?

Different things in life help us shift, change and become more of the person we want to be.

Focus on the Jeep aspect of Life today!

Take a moment and get quiet.
Breathe focusing on relaxing every part of your body.

Now focus on your perfect ride.
Is the top off?
Sun sun shining?
Hair Blowing?

Open your eyes and dive into Who You Have Become!

Since getting your Jeep….
What has shifted?
What changes have you made?
How has your feeling about yourself changed?
What is the largest change you can feel?

Write Your Story

Take a moment and write your story!
Start with your “before.”
You got your Jeep and then what happened?
Who you are now and what has changed.

This is YOUR story!
Your power story and your transformation story!
How does that feel reading this story?

Remember that every day you write your story!

Lesson Tasks

Write Your Story

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