Challenge Day 21 Lesson

Continue The Big Picture and Big Strategy

Look ahead and set goals for the year.

This is such an important step to work through to plan your entire year to stay on track.

Take the time today to continue working through these pages and make sure to fill them in completely.

Look ahead and make milestones of where you want to be when for your goals this year.

When you have a path to follow or a plan it makes it much easier to achieve the changes you want to in your life.

Fill Out The Big Picture and Big Goals Section

Start with the Big Picture side and fill in the calendar by month.

What big events or plans do you have?
Make milestones of what you want to be different or new things you are going to implement per month.

Then move to the strategy section.

Fill this in per month.

What will you have to focus on each month to make your milestones or reach the changes you want to have implemented?

This is where you are doing a year overview on your goals!
Take your time to fill this out. You can always come back and re-visit it as well! The more you plan today the easier it will make the long run.

This is your goal planner and strategy for the entire year.

Lesson Tasks

Start with the Big Picture calendar

Make your plan in the Strategy Section


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