Challenge Day 19 Lesson

Putting in the time and focusing on creating habits is what takes you to the finish line

Planning and putting in the work is what creates changes in your life.

It is Sunday again…that means it is time to focus on creating your new habits again.

Today I want you to spend some time focusing on the “doing” or planning the doing. Look back on your past week.

What new habits or changes did you make this past week? What worked and what didn’t work? What can you carry over into the upcoming week?

Fill Out Your Pages for this coming week

Are there any new habits or shifts you want to put down into this upcoming week?

Fill out what you are working on for this upcoming week by day.

If you have a particular day that maybe harder make sure to write in an affirmation or mindset tool for the morning of that day.

Get into this habit of making Sunday your day to reflect on the past week and focus on your “doing” for the upcoming week!

(If you have your Journal turn to your pages for last week and next week.)

While you are reflecting and planning make sure you take moments to see how you feel about what you have done and what you plan to do. Adjust what you need to so that you feel good about what you are putting down into your pages.

Lesson Tasks

Get quiet for a moment.

Sit down and reflect on last week. (Make some notes!)

Look forward to the upcoming week and design your plan of “doing” or shifting. (Don’t forget your habit to focus on!)

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