Challenge Day 16 Lesson

Re-train your mind that it is NOT your job to fix anything for someone else

Remember our previous Lesson……You can only control You.

“Breathe and know that you already have everything you need.” – Suzanne Hanna

This is an essential aspects to living an authentic and connected life with yourself.

That is right, these are the ideas to remember in building your relationship with yourself as well as building relationships with others. How you treat yourself and how you connect with others is crucial in finding your joy in life.

Begin to incorporate this mindset into your life in all aspects.

Remember to slowly become of aware of this principle. Then add them into your life and hold the space longer and longer until it becomes second nature.

Resist the temptation to aggressively “fix” people, uncomfortable situations, etc.

Learn how to honor someone right where they are and to know ‘Just being with someone’ is helpful.

Think of when you are upset what your dog, cat, horse, animal does for you.

If you are crying and upset your pet will come and sit with you. They will just be with you and share that space and moment.

They do not tell you what you should have done different, how to fix the situation or even that everything will be ok. Your animal can just be with you and bring comfort by sharing the space.

We as people, need to work on perfecting that idea. Try to bring awareness when someone is upset or having a bad day and instead of telling them what to do or how to fix or even going into their space by bringing yourself down to feeling bad with them, instead, just be.

Start to practice that and not only will you feel better but so will the other people as you can just sit with them and not have to “fix” or help in anyway.

You stay in your energy and space and allow them the same.

Practice just being and listening but offering support……not advice or solutions.

Lesson Tasks

Incorporate this into your daily life situations. At home, work or with friends.

This is a skill that you need to focus on and practice.

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