Challenge Day 14 Lesson

Affirmations for your Daily & Weekly Re-Fueling

“Trust is build with CONSISTENCY” -Lincoln Chafee

“An affirmation is a strong, positive statement that something is already so.” – Shakti Gawain

The Affirmation tool is an amazing transformation tool, and it is so easy.

I like to make it into a little game to have fun and enjoy my affirmations. Sometimes I sing them into my hairbrush as I get ready for the day.

Enjoy this fun, easy and transforming tool.

The beginning of each week will be when we set and change our affirmations. Affirmations are a wonderful tool to shift how you feel about yourself.

The power of an affirmation is that you chose a positive statement and say it every day to yourself over and over. You connect to yourself from your heart and feel yourself believing the words that you are speaking, the sentence or the idea.

When you say the same thing over and over you begin to let go of resistance that you hold to believing the truth in the statement. Once you begin to believe what you are saying, you then feel what you are saying and then what you are saying becomes true for you.

That is why you choose one focus affirmation per week, and for the entire week that is the focus sentence you tell yourself.

I suggest writing your affirmation on a sticky note in a colored pen that calls to you, or in a handwriting that is pleasing.

Then stick that affirmation on the mirror in your bathroom where you get ready in the morning and in the evening. That way you see your affirmation every morning when you start your day and repeat that affirmation to yourself, trying to feel the connection to the words and emotion that go with your statement.

Say your affirmation at least ten times, out loud, to yourself every morning as you begin your day. When you are getting ready for bed in the evening repeat the same process, and say your affirmation out loud, to yourself ten times. If you feel open to it, say your affirmation to yourself during the day as much as you would like.

By the end of the week you should have shed your resistance and feel aligned with your affirmation.

The more affirmations you do the easier it becomes to be open to feeling your affirmation.

Incorporate Your Affirmation Into Your Daily and Weekly Re-Fuel Schedule

Every Monday set your Affirmation for the current week. Make sure it is a positive statement.

It can be I am Strong,
I am Powerful in all that I do,
I Love Myself,
I am Confident
and use that in every situation, etc.

Then everyday put this in your Weekly Schedule and then Daily so you always have an Affirmation in your schedule and calendar for every day….and this is also somewhere else that you will see it and focus on the Affirmation every day.

We start to believe the words that we hear every day….

Remember your moment and that feeling all day today! Stay connected that girl you found

Lesson Tasks

Create your weekly Affirmation and put it in your schedule so that you see it every day.

Make sure to put it up in your bathroom, by your bed, on your fridge or anywhere else you can think of that you will see it every day.


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