Your New Year & New Decade Awaits!

Time to take the Wheel and Drive Your Life!

Use Your Progress Journal or Download the Tracker Sheet Below and Print copies for you to keep track of your 30 Day Progress. Use these daily trackers to fill in what you work on, learn, experience as well as add in 1 – 2 (no more then 2 changes at a time) to incorporate daily. We will break this down together as we go through these challenges too.

Challenge Day 1

Wednesday, January 1st Challenge Lesson. Stat with getting clear on what New Year’s Ressolutions are…and why they don’t work! We break through mindsets today

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Challenge Day 2

Thursday, January 2nd Challenge Lesson. It is time to work on ‘Living Your Perfect 10’. Dive into where you are at currently, right now. Then look at the big picture and what the ‘Perfect 10’ breakdown looks like in your Life.

Challenge Day 3

Friday, January 3rd Challenge Lesson. Time for the first mindset lesson of the challenge. You can only control you. Decide what is yours and what is not yours to be responsible for.

Challenge Day 4

Saturday, January 4th Challenge Lesson. We jump into the Progress Road Section #1, #2, and #3 together today. The biggest part of success is knowing what brick you need to break through to get you where you need to go on your path. Time to name your bricks today.

Challenge Day 5

Sunday, January 5th is Day 5 of the challenge. Today’s Lesson is a quick lesson to help you stick with it and continue forward from yesterdays Challenge Lesson.

Challenge Day 6

Monday, January 6th is Day 6 of the Challenge. Day 6 is about going back. You will re-visit Challenge Lesson Day 4 and Section #3. Sometimes you need to look away and come back to gain more clarity.

Challenge Day 7

Challenge Day 7 is Tuesday, January 7th and focused on Your Progress Road Section #4 today together.

It is also our LIVE NOON EST Check In together & today’s lesson.

Challenge Day 8

Challenge Day 8 …..It is OK to NOT Be OK…. a moment to look inside yourself and give yourself permission. Allow yourself to be honest with the emotions that you feel and when you feel them.

Challenge Day 9

For today on Day 9 of the Challenge you will focus on getting clear with the Goal Breakdown worksheet. Thursday, January 9th feels like a great day to focus on the transformation forward.

Challenge Day 10

Day 10 Challenge Exercise is creating your Recovery Kit for you personally. Just like you need the essentials to recovery your Jeep if it gets stuck….what can you do for you if you get stuck?


Challenge Day 11

Saturday, January 11th will take you on a focus inside. It is time to CRUSH that little inner voice who wants to tell you all of your “should” thoughts.

Challenge Day 12

Sunday, January 12th is your 12th day to pause and reflect for today. You need to take moments for YOU through this challenge.

Challenge Day 13

Monday, January 13th Challenge Lesson. Today’s challenge exercise is focused on purposefully bringing more joy and appreciation focus into every day. The way you think changes how you feel and in turn how you think.

Challenge Day 14

Tuesday, January 14th is focused on understanding, creating and using Affirmations daily. I love affirmations! They are very powerful.

Challenge Day 15

Wednesday, January 15th is the perfect “hump day” to focus on your own Personal Maintenance Routine and Care. We take care of our Jeep and the Maintenance to keep it running strong….now it is time to apply that to us.

Challenge Day 16

Thursday, January 16th is about focusing on the urge to “fix” people, situations or problems! Your job is not to jump in and “fix” things!

Challenge Day 17

Friday, January 17th is time to focus on Boundaries! For me, this was one of my greatest struggles in life for a long time. I want to share with you why boundaries are so important. As well as how to apply Boundaries.


Challenge Day 18

Saturday is a great time to find a moment to spend on YOU. Fear takes on so many different forms in your life. Today is focused on Driving Your Fear to breakdown what Fear really is, what it means how to logically work through fear by decreasing the emotion itself.

Challenge Day 19

Sunday is a day to look ahead to what is coming up. What daily tasks do you need to focus on fill in for the upcoming month. Today you will focus on creating this New Habit.

Challenge Day 20

Monday, January 20th is our BIG DAY to plan out Big Strategy as well as Big Picture focus and goals for the Year.


Challenge Day 21

Yesterday for our Challenge Lesson we went through a lot of planning. Take today to continue your momentum and re-vist your Strategy and Big Plan for 2020.

Challenge Day 22

Wednesday always seems to be a great day to reflect and focus on creating joy. Today we focus together on ‘Who You Have Become’….with inspiration from our Jeep.

Challenge Day 23

Thursday, January 23rd is dreaming and having some fun. Today’s challenge lesson is a longer lesson but well worth it! Create your 2020 Vision Board!

Challenge Day 24

I know what I don’t want. The most resistance can be easier to feel and explain.

It is already Friday, January 24th! Holy cow!! We are on the final 7 Day push for the 30 Day Challenge. How have you done? Time to focus to stay on track. With the LIVE AT NOON TODAY!!!

Challenge Day 25

‘Know Your Values’

Once you know what you stand for, what is important and what you want to live by….everything else because….well….easy.

Challenge Day 26

It is our last Sunday together in this January 30 Day Challenge. I want you to FINISH STRONG with today’s focus for the last week of the challenge.

Challenge Day 27

Monday is a day to push it hard! The Emotional Guidance Lesson today breaks down the understanding of how we can use the emotions and way that we feel to better understand where we are and to shift to a new feeling.


Challenge Day 28

Tuesday is a Fun Day this week. I have a surprise waiting for you as today’s challenge lesson!!

Have to Wait and See!

Challenge Day 29

Wednesday seems to fall on our happy and creating joy days together. Today you will make a plan on how to Celebrate Your Succes. If you are doing this lesson today, on day 29 of a 31 day challenge that calls for celebrating right there!!

Challenge Day 30

I want you to continue your success and focus after this challenge. Today’s challenge lesson gives you a one page bliss-iplines tracker to use going forward as your new 30 day challenge for yourself.

Challenge Day 31

Final Check in and Surprise for you on our NOON EST LIVE together!!


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