Part III – Your Jeep!

Time to build your Jeep and Read through the educational material we included.

Part III – It is time to talk Jeep

Ready to start your Jeep Build Overview? Lets jump in. 

Use the Worksheet to have Your Jeep Specs for the start of your build and the Overview Sheet to understand how all the pieces work together in a build. Remember to start with your Tire Size as your platform for your build. 

I also want to invite you to watch the Design Your Jeep Build Training Classes.

Click the link below after you have finished this planner quick start training and go check out the more in depth training. 

Watch Video for

Section III

Remember your build is YOURS and you have to love it…..

Take your time and do your research.

Your build is for you so remember you make the decisions on your build and platform.

Enjoy the process it is suppose to be FUN!

Take the time to fill out your Jeeps Current Specs. This is going to be a big step in creating your Build Design.

You need to know where you sit right now to know what upgrade options you have as well as what you need to change. 

This worksheet is one of the most frequently asked questions when it comes to Designing Your Jeep Build.

Use this as your guide and remember everyone has their opinion on build ideas and parts and specs.

Just remember these two key things; 

1. You can take your time! There is NO RUSH when you are doing build. Just make sure you have your Build Design Plan drawn out.

2. This is YOUR build and YOU have to love it! You are not building for anyone else. 

Congratulations on working through this Planner Quick Start Guide with me. 

You are now ready to grab the wheel and be in control of the Drive this year!

Lesson Tasks

Take your time to Design Your Jeep Build!

Start with where you are at right now.

You need to decide on your tire size platform as your very first decision. You then will design your entire build around that tire size. 

That is crucial because you DO NOT want to have to do your build more than once if possible!!

If one day ultimately you want to run 37’s or it is an option but right now you want 35’s 


one day you may want to run 35’s and right now you want to run 33’s 

Always build around the larger tire size. That way you do not have to pay for parts and labor twice. 


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