Getting Started With Your Drive Into Your New Life 2019 Planner!

I want to walk through best practices and how to get the most out of your planner.


     You took the first step to Drive Your Life in 2019!

Below you are going to see the planner broken into 3 parts.

This is more than your planner for 2019!

This is the first step to making 2019 about the best YOU and the best Life you want…..

Section I – Personal Build

Just like you take the time to design your Jeep Build…..

it is time to turn that focus inward and Design Your Personal Build.     

Start with Section I here! 

Section II – Schedule, get organized and Calendar

Now we move to the next step. It is time to schedule your year, month, weeks and days. Incorporating into them the Personal Build you designed for yourself in Section I. This year is about more than schedule and appointments and being organized…..this year is also about YOU.

Section III- Your Jeep & Education

The last section is all about your Jeep! Lets jump in and start talking Build,

and Design as well as the First 5 Things You Need In Your Jeep For Safety.

Track your service and modifications you make to your Jeep. 

Let Your Friends Know On

That You Are

Working Through Your




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Make sure you are connected to each other. 


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