What is your perfect day?

If you create your perfect day you have a vision and plan to live towards

“Almost everything will work again if you unplug it for a few minutes including YOU” – Anne L.

Continue with page number 7 in your planner or your downloaded worksheet.
Now move down to the Perfect Day Section

Move down to the bottom of the page…take some time to capture how your perfect day feels.

Remember capturing the feeling is as important as the actions of the day.

It is important to take this time right now to layout what your Perfect Day is.

Your focus and intention for the rest of the year is to get closer and closer to having more days that are fitting in with your perfect day.

Imagine what it would feel like to focus every day on just incorporating one piece of your Perfect Day into your schedule for the day.

What if you set aside one day a week to try and create your perfect day…..wow in the year that would be 52 Perfect Days!!! That would feel AMAZING!!!!

Lesson Tasks

Fill out your Perfect Day Section. Make sure to note how it feels to be living this Perfect Day.
Start to incorporate one piece from your perfect day into your schedule.
Block one day a week to live your Perfect Day and each week add in one more aspect or piece from this Perfect Day Worksheet.

In one year that is 52 perfect days!! That is a monster of a start.

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