Self Care is crucial to your Personal Maintenance Plant

You have to keep your gas tank full to make the long distance drive!

“You are not required to set yourself on fire to keep other people warm!”

Self Care is the most important tip or aspect we can do to stay in a good mindset.

Self Care is the foundation for a happy, BALANCED Life. It is okay to put your wants and NEEDS ahead of other things in your life. You use boundaries in every aspect of life. Every relationship you have will have different boundaries in it.

Why Is Self Care So Important?

Just like the quote above “You Can’t Pour from an Empty Glass”…. If you take care of everyone else you will not have anything left for yourself…but in time you will have nothing left for anyone else either. You need the time for yourself to recharge and connect back to yourself. It is the time to release all that is going on, quiet the self-talk and hear only you.

Look at yourself for a moment as you would your Jeep…

Would you run your Jeep out of gas and oil and not do any of the scheduled maintenance on your Jeep and just see how long it lasts before it falls apart? Why would you do that to yourself?

Step back and imagine yourself requiring Personal Routine Maintenance just like your Jeep. You need your stop at the gas station…. Oil change….. rotate your tires….. etc. You get what I am saying.

Together I want to Design Your Personal Maintenance Routine and Schedule just like you have one for your Jeep.

Self-care rituals will be different for each person

Find things that bring you peace, joy and the ability to relax, recharge and hear your inner self. The goal is that you should always feel recharged when you finish your self-care time.

Start a list of ideas and add to it over time as any idea comes to you. Keep putting things in that you would enjoy doing for YOU.

“Self Care Means Giving Yourself Permission to Pause.” -Cecilia Tran

How to create Self Care time

If you can take 10 minutes, fifteen minutes, thirty minutes or an hour for you every day. This can be either the beginning of the day, a down space in the middle or the evening before bed and set that aside as YOUR SELF CARE time.

Block it off, schedule what you will do and stick to it, do not allow anything else to come up that could interfere with that time. It maybe an hour a day, a full day a week, or whatever balance feels right for you. In fact, it could be spending 30 minutes a day doing these exercises for you, it is for you to decide.

Your time is just as important as any other appointment or “to do” on your list and schedule. Imagine your time being set on your schedule just like a doctor appointment. You can’t change it you need to use that as time that is not available for anything else.

Lesson Tasks

Focus on what you need for you. How much time and how often is really perfect for you. Dream here….if you could what would it look like.

Create a list of things you can do for you as your Self Care time. Keep the list and keep adding to it.

Understand you HAVE to take care of YOU before anyone else.

Create Your Self Care List

Fill in your list here and you can come back and continue to grow this list.
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