Start your schedule with designing your Perfect Week

Implementing your schedule and the order you fill in your pieces is important so you can stay true to what is most important to you

Do for YOU first…so fill in your time first!

Your time is just as important to schedule as ANYTHING else is! Start by getting your time put in first before you start scheduling anything else.

We are turning to the top of page 8. My Perfect Week.

Now it is time to Schedule out pieces of what our Personal Maintenance Plan Looks like.

First lets look at the week.

It is broken into Morning, Afternoon and Evening sections.
Notice there is no time just blocks of time frames.

This is because you need to first get into your perfect week what you are doing and focused on for each time block.

Get your time into the Block, then the other important things or appointments but do not put times on this worksheet. (We will go into getting it detailed and times in the schedule in Class #6 – Be Your Own Mechanic – Just Do It.)

For this exercise you will fill in the blanks as you read through this next paragraph.
Write whatever you feel as you read through each statement. Your statement, if you were explaining why you can’t live in JOY one hundred percent of the time:

Morning Schedule Section

Start by filling in your Morning Routine steps in the morning section.
Keep in mind this can be 5, 10, 15 or 30 minutes. Whatever is right for you.

Make sure to bring forward your Morning Routine into this schedule FIRST. It can be small or one thing or 5 things….but get them on the schedule FIRST.

Next do you have any weekly appointments or engagements that happen every week at the same time?

Are there things that you could nail down to make consistent for you?

The more things you can make consistent, or the same time every week, the more consistent you can be on your time!

Afternoon Section

Moving to the Afternoon Section….

Are there things that you do on set days and times in the afternoon?

Can you add anything into this section for you?

For example:

  • One afternoon a week (put it in the schedule) I go for a walk during my break at work.
  • One set day I go to the gym
  • or get myself an afternoon treat.

Is there anything on your schedule that you can remove, do less, get help, etc?

For example: I was picking my daughter up from school everyday at 3:30pm. When I did my perfect week I did not want every afternoon blocked and there was really no reason I had to get her every day except for the fact that she wanted me too.

I decided to take 2 days a week in the afternoons, so Monday and Wednesday, that I did not pick her up anymore. I still pick her up 3 days a week but now I have 2 days a week that the time constraint has been lifted.

I feel much more freedom now.

Evening Section

What is your perfect evening during your perfect week? Set a day to have a bubble bath and read a book or listen to music just for you. Have a date night with significant other or friend Add in activities during the week you can do in the evening for you.

Take some time to work through each of the sections and start to schedule your re-fuel and self maintenance in your schedule.
Dream big. This is after all your perfect week. Write it here in your schedule.

Why is it so important to take this time right now and write out your Dream or Ideal Personal Maintenance Plan in your schedule?

You need to see it on paper!

So you can look back at it and start to incorporate these pieces and things into your life.

There is a power of getting it out of your mind or dreams on a schedule. It shifts the power and focus that you are giving to it.

We are going to talk more about this next week as Habits in our Class #4 Your Personal Build and Modifications but…..

Try to brainstorm ideas on how to make the daily tasks more fun and still make it you time.

One idea – Do the dishes while listening to your favorite music. Singing and dancing and be joyous.

Or listening to your favorite PodCast.

Lesson Tasks

Design this Perfect Week and follow the order to put things in your schedule.

You will start to notice how much time you want for you as well as what are the importance of things you are doing based on the order you put them into your schedule.

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