Breakdown Your Personal Build and Get It In Your Schedule for Results!

Just like you layout your Jeep build and then create the build plan…we are now designing your Personal Build plan!

Write it in your schedule to see the task and get it done!

Trail Etiquette is something that is so important to know before you head off to an event or a ride.

You don’t hear a lot of people talk about Trail Etiquette, it seems to be one of those things you are just suppose to know. Well….we believe in teaching what you need to know so you aren’t having to learn as you go.

In this introduction and Tip #1 we cover your attitude and what a crucial part that is to ensure you and those around you have a great time. You want to be a driver people want to go out and ride with.

Time To Build a Schedule…YAY!!!

Turn to your Personal Build and Mod page in your planner

Notice how there are four blocks that now match the 4 aspects of your life that we just broke down in the previous lesson.

We are going to use these blocks to breakdown your plan.

Start by filling in the four boxes at the top with name of each of the 4 aspects.

Next each week you will fill in your Personal build and mods pieces in the boxes.

Focus on a couple things that you can change in each aspect for the week.

DO NOT put a big list here! This is where you are going to be chipping it down to focus on one or two small pieces in each aspect for the week.
Put in the things you want to bring in, remove, a habit or a focus on this aspect to change.

Remember to be kind to yourself and this is a process!
Feel good and Celebrate every win during the week!

Use Your Weekly Tracker Below

You are creating good and beneficial Habits by using your tracker everyday.

After 30 days it will become second nature to look at your tracker each day and follow the plan and outline you have drawn out.

Turn to your 2022 Year Overview Page 11 in your planner

Determine what end day of the month you are going to do your review and plan for the following month. It can be the last day of the month…the last Friday, or Saturday or Sunday or whatever day you decide.

Make this the same every month.

Your Review will be when you go over the Tracker for the month and also to review how you did with your weekly breakdown.

Then plan out the next four weeks in your weekly for the coming month.

You are making a year goal and plan, then the monthly and then breaking that into what you need to do weekly to move into that goal.

Why is the Monthly Review and Overview important?

It keeps you moving forward and focused on each aspect as well as what you want to accomplish.

It keeps you accountable by re-visiting these each month.

It sets up the next month for you to get the most success out of it.

By every 30 days checking back in it keeps your mindset, emotional attachment and creates a habit.

Lesson Tasks

Break down your overall Personal Build plan into 4 Aspects. You then are breaking those out into a step by step plan. Every month you will get into the Habit of doing a review and then doing your coming month break down.
Once you have your goal for your month then you can break it down into the week.
Today we used the example of transferring your into the Tracker and review and into the section of the weekly that it co-insides with.
You are now on the way to moving forward with ease.

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