Have some fun creating your Life List or Bucket List for this Year!

Dream, vision and imagine! Let your heart and mind run free with this exercise

Dream it, feel it, do it.

We just covered a lot in one sitting! This is a lot of thinking and planning for one session…so I want to end it with some fun and inspiration.

Turn to your Life List, so page 10 in your planner

Have fun and do not hold back for this exercise.
You want to feel the joy and excitement as you think through everything that is possible!
Think of this as your Life Bucket List.

Come back and add to this list or re-visit it throughout the year!

Use Your Weekly Tracker Below

You are creating good and beneficial Habits by using your tracker everyday.
After 30 days it will become second nature to look at your tracker each day and follow the plan and outline you have drawn out.

Homework Before Next Session

  • Find a couple of your favorite colored ball point pens. (Paper Mate makes some cute colorful mini pens in assorted colors)
  • Get a couple pencils (Mechanical or regular pencils or fancy pencils….whatever calls to you)

See you in the next Session…… Be Your Mechanic and Just Do It.

Lesson Tasks

Have fun with this exercise!

Check back throughout the year….but today enjoy the journey of creating your dream Life List.

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