6 of the Habits that the High Performers of the world use, and you can incorporate into your life daily

It is up to you focus your attention on what Habits you will continue or add into your daily life. How successful you are is directly related to the Habits you live by

“You have a chance every single morning to
make that change and be the person you want to be.” -Brendon Burchard

What are some Beneficial Habits/Focus You can Bring into your Personal Build?

I want to share with you the most successful High Performers Habits that people are using……

I spent a lot of $ and time to learn these secrets and ideas that I am going to share with you….

I am not sure if you are familiar with Brendon or not,
but he works with the highest level of successful people in the world!

  • This includes Professional Athletes,
  • Entrepreneurs,
  • Authors,
  • Public Speakers,
  • as well as Oprah and her team.

He has created a method for helping people step into the highest level of personal performance and success.

I am excited today to share with you 6 Habits for High Performance in your life!

What is the biggest take away?

You MUST create and follow Habits in your life that make your life better for YOU!

Design and create your life around you!!!

You do this by controlling your habits and focus on beneficial aspects to create more joy, time and health for YOU!

I am going to share with you 6 Habits and Focus that you can incorporate, to ensure Success in any aspect of your life this year.

1. Drink Water

Keep a water bottle with you all day and keep re-filling it. Start by incorporating this into your habit by one coffee/soda whatever your drink of choice currently is.

Then the next drink must be a bottle of water. Start by alternating one water in between your current drink of choice. Then slowly progress to 2 water between each drink of choice. And so on until you are having more water per day than anything else. A good rule of thumb is one drink of choice in the morning, for lunch and dinner/evening.

That adds up to 3 other drinks a day and as much water as you can consume. Water helps to keep you body hydrated and your mind fresh.
I know I had heard this over and over throughout my life….drink more water. I am not a big water fan, but with that said you feel so much better in your body and mind when you stay hydrated. Your fatigue and tiredness level changes drastically.
If you are not a water drinker, like me, just try it for two weeks and then make your decision. You might be surprised at how much it does change for you.

2. Get Enough Sleep

I know for a lot of us this can be a big challenge!

Between kids, household, work and other duties there can seem like there is never enough hours in the day. BUT enough sleep is crucial to our mental and physical state.

Without enough sleep we can’t be at our highest focus and productivity. A power nap throughout the day for 30 minutes has scientifically proven to up our productivity. This is individual so play with setting a 30 minute timer and closing your eyes and relaxing. Thinking about NOTHING!!

Also, begin by just getting in to bed 30 minutes early every night for a week. Then increase that by another 30 minutes the next week. Stay focused on having your “set bedtime” and allow all your things for the day to be completed 1 hour prior to that for down time. Set those limits and parameters.

3. Feed Your Body

I am not saying you need to become a health nut, though if this is on your goals and plans for this year…well you are already focusing on the right path. You do need to be aware of what you are feeding your body. It has been proven that how much energy we have and how we feel IS directly related to what we eat and put in our body.

Take vitamins. This is an easy thing to add into your Habits and Schedule to help make you feel your best. A good quality multi-vitamin is a good thing to add into your morning routine.

Try and limit sugar and carbs. The more sweets you eat the less energy and more fatigue you will feel. The best focus is to eat protein and good fats as much as possible with of course green vegetables.

This is a Habit to try and let how you feel dictate how focused you become on what you are eating.

4. No Putting Things Off

Most of the things we want to put off are tasks or things that we feel residence, fear or stress about. Either because it is going to require work, time or an uncomfortable discussion with someone.

The longer you put things off the harder they become to actually do. Think of the “harder things” that you want to put off as the most important to get done right away.

Face it head on, conquer it and move on. You will feel immediate relief once this off of your plate and out of your radar. Even if it is a difficult situation or something hard to do….you will feel much better once it over no matter how it goes. The more you put off, the less productive you will be in other areas. You HAVE to get these items/things addressed, dealt with and gone so it frees you up to focus on other areas and other thing.

It takes practice to always go after the “elephant in the room” but with time it will become the first thing in your day you want to eliminate because you understand how freeing it is.

5. Control Your Time

We all have those areas that make it easy for us to get caught up and off track. Design and focus your time into blocks for productivity. Give yourself time deadlines of how much time you can spend doing something. When the timer goes off and time is done you move forward onto the next thing.

The key to this is to make sure you stay focused and on track on only the thing you are working on for that block of time! That means no answering the phone, responding to texts, reading emails, getting on Facebook, etc. Only focus 100 % on that task for that specific time frame. Then you can move to the next and next. Schedule your “phone” and “email” time as well. The best high performers do not check Emails or Facebook/social media first thing for the day. In fact, they schedule those items for later in the day once the most important tasks for the day are accomplished.

If you are working on a project that requires Email responses and correspondence check for those specific emails only and wear blinders to the others until it is Email time, no matter what you see pop in.

You are going to find you are more productive, get more done in shorter time frames, and open yourself up to more time for you on your schedule.

6. Get Up and Move Around

Schedule breaks for you.

It is important to not work to long without a break. You are less productive if you slow down and don’t allow those breaks. The proven science shows that we need a break in our focus after 90 minutes.

Just as we talked about in Control Your Time previously you need to create and set blocks of time. Every 90 minutes you need to schedule a 10 min break for yourself. You need to get up and move around. Walk briskly around your house, do jumping jacks, something to get your blood pumping and mind re-activated as well.

You will be shocked at the difference in your productivity and energy level if you allow yourself those 10 minute move around breaks.

Bottom line……

Just like the exercises, mindset and processes we have worked through as well as these Habits/Focus right here…..

They all come back to the ONE MAJOR underlying Focus…

You MUST Take Care Of YOU!!!

Everything you design and create, The habits you incorporate, Everything from this moment forward….


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Read through these 6 High Performer Habits.

Think through as you are reading if you can implement any of them into your habits.


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