Create Your New Habits For Success!

Now it is time to create your New Habits that you want to focus on to help you reach your destination for this year!

Make your Habits purposeful by focusing your attention on what you are creating in your life.

Grab your Habit Breakdown Worksheet again. Move down to the bottom section where it says New Habits/Focus.

Take a moment and look at your Habits on the Breakdown Worksheet you did above for Current Habits.

Are there Habits that are beneficial and helpful that you can carry down into the New Habits/Focus section?

If so, then carry those beneficial habits down to this section.

Think of what New Habits you can focus on that is going to help move you to your end goals.
Make a list here of those Habits.

Use This Habits Breakdown Worksheet all year long!

You can re-visit and re-do this worksheet every quarter to keep you forward movement all year long!

Start by looking at what Habits you now want to remove that are non-beneficial. You don’t need to give them a lot of your time and energy. It is more of now being aware of that Habit so you can catch it and squash it when it pops up.

Put your attention and focus on your Beneficial and New Habits you want to focus on.

Make the intention to commit to bringing them into your life. (Hold onto this piece of paper to get into your schedule too!)

Habits form the path to pave the way to our Dreams and Goals!

Lesson Tasks

Complete this exercise and part II of your Habit Breakdown Worksheet.

Put this in your planner, on your desk or somewhere that you can see it. (You will want this to put into your planner and schedule in class #6 coming up.)


Fill in the new habits/focus in this section.
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