Use your Personal Build and Mod Tracker to breakdown the year

It is time to start to plan and schedule out your Personal Build and Mods in this lesson

You must get your build into your schedule so you can see your progress.

Turn to your Personal Build and Mod page in your planner

Start by focusing on the very top piece… the Current Assessment Section.

I know we have talked about what pieces of your life you want to focus on, as well as what you want to bring in and what you want to remove earlier in the planner and class.

BUT now is the time to plan and schedule this out so you can track your progress.

Take a moment and think through the 4 areas of your life that you want to focus the most change on for this year.

It can be alleviating or bringing in things to that aspect of life.

Once you have narrowed down your 4 areas to start focusing on write the name of that aspect across the top above the columns.

For this next step you want to be honest with yourself about the % of time you are currently spending in each of those 4 particular aspects.

This does not have to add up to equal 100% exactly, but don’t go overboard here. If you feel like you are spending 80% of your time and focus on work for example you can feel like you are spending a little extra % on other aspects.

Fill in the current % for each of the 4 aspects.

In this next piece, what you want to add or take out of each aspect you can write below the column if you need more space.

It can be short overview type points here as you will break them into details in the next lesson in the schedule. Make sure you hit the important points.

Since we just went over Habits make notes of Habits you want to add or take out as well.

This piece is important.

How much % of your time or focus or energy do you want to be spending each aspect. Again this does not have to equal exactly 100% and also if you feel like you really only want to be focusing 20% of your time at work but you work full time that is okay to put.

It is your ideal and the feeling of only having work take 20% of your life can still feel and look like that without it being a direct time measure. It can be having focused time that allows for more focus in the other areas and no work time or thoughts during other time.

Don’t over think what “makes sense” or is “practical” or how you are going to get there.
Just write in your dream of how those aspects of your life would look with focus, time and stress devoted to each one.

In the bottom section of the page, this is your tracker, I want you to write the same name of the 4 aspects for each column.

You will set up your monthly overview and review for the end of every month. You will then come back to this tracker and at the end of every month fill in your % of where you are at the end of each month.

You do not want to expect drastic changes in your number from month to month, though if you do then CELEBRATE. Look at this as your tracker for your Personal Build. It will be slow but it is the little forward progress that means by the end of the year and this tracker you will be at your goal….or pretty darn close!

Having a definitive way to track is crucial to results and success! It holds you accountable, keeps your focus right in front of you, as well as motivates you to keep pushing when you see changes occurring.

How to schedule out your Personal Build and Modifications which are your habits, the things you want to take out of your life and the things you want to add….Go to the next lesson and we will schedule your Personal Build!

Lesson Tasks

Take your time and work through this Personal Build and Mod Tracker Sheet.

This is your “blueprint” or “build design” that you will carry forward and break down in your schedule. We do that in the next lesson. But you want your foundation build put together first.


The downloads for this Lesson:
If you do not have a planner yet this is the Worksheet we are using for this lesson.

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