Make changes with your Personal Build and Mod Design

Focus on what you want to change or re-design and add to YOU as well as your life by making the schedule of the habits you will now incorporate into your life and where

“The secret of change is to focus all of your energy , not on fighting the old, but on building the new.” – Socrates

Live Training Class #4

Watch the Live Training Webinar Class #4 for the Personal Build and Mod Section.

Now it is time to move to the next piece…..

It is time to Design Your Personal Build and Mod Plan!
We are going to work through pages 9-11 in the Planner for “Personal Build” in the top right corner.

What we cover Today in Class #4;

  • Understand Habits
  • High Performance Habits
  • Control how you feel about changing your Habits
  • Build your life around YOU not vice versa
  • Tracker and list break down
  • Incorporate this build into your weekly schedule
  • Start small for success

Just like you would design your Jeep Build….you need to focus on you in the same thought process.

What changes do you want to make to you this year?

What “upgrades” per say are you ready to focus on adding to YOU as your build?

Just as the build for your Jeep is a slow process…so is your Personal Build for yourself! Be kind, layout the changes and modifications you want to do, slowly chip away at that list until you have reached your Build and completed your modifications. Give yourself time….just as you do for your Jeep build.

ALSO….appreciate every small change along the way! Again…I know I keep referencing your Jeep Build…but it is the same! You get excited and motivated when you see one small upgrade added to your Jeep.

It is what makes the process so much fun! Use that same mindset and see every little upgrade you make to yourself and CELEBRATE it along the way!

Lessons for Your Personal Build and Mod Course

The lessons from the Live Training Webinar are broken into lessons in this section for you. The downloads are available below the list of lessons as well on each individual lesson page. To ensure that you have the worksheets for each piece of the training.

Lesson 1 : Understanding Habits

I know…..Habit can sound like a bad word sometimes. It can even invoke negative feelings and ideas just hearing the word.

I want to break that today by focusing on Understanding Habits and how to make them work for you.

Lesson 2: High Performer Habits

These 6 Habits are used by some of the most such Performing people in the world.

If you can incorporate some of these Habits into your Daily or Weekly Routine you will be shocked at the results you achieve.

Lesson 3: New Habits

Use the Habit Breakdown Worksheet to brainstorm and make lists of new habits that you can now incorporate into your schedule.

Lesson 4: Personal Mod Tracker

This worksheet is one of my personal favorites!

Break down your life into the 4 areas you want to focus the most and experience the greatest changes in for this year.

Lesson 5: Schedule Your Personal Build

Here comes the “practical application” of breaking your Personal Build into aspects, sections and then building it into your calendar and schedule.

If you want to achieve something you must have a system to keep you on track and organized.

Lesson 6: Personal Life List

Take the time to make your Life List or Bucket List for this year.

Take some time to dream.

Lesson 7: Inspiration

Always stay inspired and motivated. Life should be living our best Dreams with our eyes open!


The downloads for the Section #5 Lessons:

Complete For This Section

Watch Section IIII Video from Class
Complete Lesson One
Complete Lesson Two
Complete Lesson Three
Complete Lesson Four
Complete Lesson Five
Complete Lesson Six
Complete Lesson Seven


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