Create Your Manifesto of Who You Are and Who You Want To Be

Your manifesto are YOUR words. The words that make your values, fill you with power and move you to do more

Have fun with this process. You should feel inspired and powerful when you are done

Create Your own Manifesto

A Manifesto is a statement of your intentions that consist of a couple words or an entire book.
The idea is that writing down what you believe in and stand for will help guide you in making decisions.

As well as Your Manifesto will serve as your inspiration when you need a pick me up or to re-fuel yourself.
These words or sayings are meant to make you feel the power inside of you and raise your emotions due to the impact of the words.

You are Creating Your Power Words

These are the words that make you feel strong……
Fill you with courage and drive.

Pick words or sayings that really resonate with you.

Take your time, Google search words and sayings and write down a list all the words or sayings that you find.

Next narrow it down to the words that really stand out and really resonates with you the deepest.

Make the Power List of the top 10-20 Words and Sayings that are your Power Words.

How To Create Your Manifesto

You can draw, write, use color pens, pencils, print out words or sayings in different colors or fonts.

Have FUN with it! Use different Fonts for every word or saying….same thing with colors.


Color Code them and use the same 2 or 3 colors and fonts.

Print them out as outlines and color them in.

Make a list of words and then use a Manifesto Word creator such as or

Lesson Tasks

Take your time and make your Manifesto.

We would love to see what you create so please share them with us if you are comfortable.


The downloads for this Lesson:
Download your Manifesto Page and create your masterpiece!

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