Approach Everyday With The Thought Process Of “Just For Today”

Imagine taking the pressure off by changing how you think of everyday. Make it easier to make the tough changes with this mindset

I make the intention to live everyday for today. I want to make the best of each day I am given.

A Mindset Tool

When you can look at things in the short term it can feel easier to focus on or do something hard.

So instead of thinking for the rest of my life…..

The rest of the year……

Think about Just For Today.
You use boundaries in every aspect of life. Every relationship you have will have different boundaries in it.

Imagine how much easier it is to make a change or incorporate a new habit into your life when you don’t have to tell yourself…..

“From now on I won’t eat chocolate.”


“I will never have a drink again.”

Instead of limiting yourself and making you feel like you are punishing or taking something away forever….

tell yourself Just For Today.

“Just for today I will not eat chocolate”


“Just for today I will not have a drink.”

This leaves your emotions and mindset open to think tomorrow is different or next week will be different as it is Just For Today.

Your Saying and Focus For Today

Lesson Tasks

Make the intention every morning that you are living today Just For Today.

Don’t think about tomorrow, or next week or next month…..

tell yourself you are going to focus on changing and living in the space of today and Just For Today.

This is especially important as you begin to shift or incorporate new habits for this year.

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