The next step is to Build Your Power!

We use mindset tools as well as physical exercises to increase and build your power from within

The power you have within yourself is the greatest strength to build!

Live Training Class #2

To build any muscle you must strengthen and workout that muscle. Building your power and strength takes attention as well.

Now it is time to move to the next part…..
It is time to Build Your Power!

In this training class we focus on mindset tools and understandings as well as a physical exercise to grow your power from within.

What we cover today;

  • You Can Only Control You
  • Understanding and using Boundaries
  • Creating Your Manifesto
  • Working through your Lady Jeepers Build page
  • Just For Today concept
  • Grab your planner and pen before you jump into the training video.

The lessons from the Live Training Webinar are broken into lessons in this section for you. The downloads are available below the list of lessons as well on each individual lesson page. To ensure that you have the worksheets for each piece of the training.

Lesson 1 :You Can Only Control You

This was a life changing mindset change for me!

Learn how to take ownership of what IS your responsibility and what is NOT.

Lesson 2: Boundaries

Set healthy boundaries to take care of yourself.

The key to ANY healthy relationship, including the one with yourself is good boundaries.

Lesson 3 : Your Manifesto

A manifesto is a power statement of who you are and what you believe in.

What makes you up at your core and beliefs?

A manifesto can also be used to help fuel your own power if you need a re-fuel.

Lesson 4 :Power Pose

The power pose is a way to physically build your power from within.

This is a proven scientific body response to physically taking on a power stance. Our body naturally responds.

Lesson 5 : Just For Today

A mindset tool to help make TODAY the very best that it can be.

It also helps to take the stress and anxiety out of setting goals and changing things in your life.

It doesn’t have to be every day for the rest of your life….

It only has to be for today.

Lesson 6 : Inspiration

You need to stay inspired through every step of this process.

Bringing into your life what you want this year means keeping the inspiration to move forward.

Course Tasks

Work through all the lessons for this section II

Watch Video for Class #2
Complete Lesson One
Complete Lesson Two
Complete Lesson Three
Complete Lesson Four
Complete Lesson Five
Complete Lesson Six

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