Year Overview

Starting big picture and working your way down into smaller and more structured aspects allows for you to zoom in piece by piece

Start by stepping back to look at the whole picture first!

Turn to your 2022 Year Overview Page 11 in your planner

Last week you put in the bottom of each month the day you were going to do your Monthly Overview.

Today I want you to fill in the most important events, rides or things for you first in this Year Overview Section

Once you have put what are the most important big things for you for the year…..

Then you can fill in any big work events or projects for the Year, things someone else would like you to attend….etc.

You can use different color pens if you wish to color code what is for YOU, work, Family, others.

It is important to start with the big picture.

Look at the entire year as an overview.

Put into your schedule the big events and plans for the year…

Such as trips, events, big parties, vacation, etc.

These will be your first priority items for the year in your schedule.

It is easier to start out with the wide picture and then break things down more and more in depth.

If you break down pieces into smaller pieces you will have more success than if you try and jump in to the small details first.

This process is the process of “chunking down your goals and schedule.”

You can always come back and re-visit the Overview to add into it throughout the year.

Lesson Tasks

Take the time right now to look up dates, find the important events, schedule vacation days, put in the school calendar, etc.

Build the big year overview picture first in this lesson.

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