Schedule Your Months

Break down your month schedule so that it works for you!

Start by stepping back to look at the whole picture first!

Turn to the monthly Schedule pages In your planner.Your Purchased 2022 Drive Your Planner has the Month & Days filled in for you. This is a blank example as we work through the Lessons.

(you can download below if you don’t have a planner.)

The very first thing I want to make sure you have in the Monthly Calendar is your Monthly Overview & Tracker.

Put the Last ___________ of the month for your Monthly Overview. Make sure you take this time every month.

As you see below the first day of the new month has the Overview already labled…but I want that to be a reminder that you already have done the overview for the coming month.

Put your day in every month at the end as your Overview Time and use this to serve as just a reminder you should already be ready for this month.

Review how things went for the current month and then set up and bring forward into your weekly for the month what you want to focus on for this month.

This is a very crucial piece to make sure you follow through with. It helps you to keep momentum, check back in with where you want to be and maintain that focus for the entire year by taking the time every month.

Next fill in any of the major or big events, rides, things you have in your Yearly Overview for YOU.

You can color code your month as well to make a color for YOU, Family, Work and etc. so it keeps things even more organized for you.

Start by always filling in YOU for every month first! Then fill in the other pieces from Family, then Work and then others or other aspects.

Why do I keep repeating how important the order that you write things in your Schedule and Calendar is?

I sound like a broken record right??

The order that you write down things into your schedule is mentally the order of importance you are giving each item/thing.

Being aware of that and always starting with YOUR items will mentally help give things for YOU the most importance in your mind as you look back or go to add more into your schedule.

That makes it easier to see how much time you have to add other things into the schedule for the month, if someone falls on the same weekend or day and allows you the order of things you WANT to be doing first.

If you see where you want to be spending your time… makes it easier to design other things around that. As well as say NO to other things if it is to much, or falls when you already have things for YOU first.

At the same time you are training your brain and responses to put YOU first. To make sure you look at what you want first.

That is a Habit we are creating by systematically approaching the schedule.

You do not have to put all your detailed items into this monthly schedule.
But always put important items or events for you in the monthly.

Go through the Monthly Pages for the entire year and bring forward the important events or things each month for the entire year.

That way if things come up you already have YOUR stuff in your calendar for the month.

Take a little time and fill in the Focus or goals for the month.

This doesn’t have to be long and you can use the space however you want to for YOU.

I usually put a business focus or goal for the month…so what is the big project or thing I have to get done.

Then I put a personal focus and goal for myself as well.

Monthly organizational Pages

I love having an entire page for notes and “to do” lists for the month.
I write out projects to focus on, things I need to remember and make sure I do, things that I need to decide about.

I also love it for notes that come up throughout the month.

I use this as my big to do list for the month.

You can use this again for you personalized. If you want to use it as a journal page for the month, tracking Jeep build progress….however you would like to best use this for you.

Lesson Tasks

Work through organizing and breaking down to zoom into your Month.

Make sure you take your time to do your monthly schedule before moving to the next lesson.

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