Design Your Week

Time to Zoom In one level deeper and get your focus for your weeks organized just for you

Start by stepping back to look at the whole picture first!

Take a moment to get inspired and motivated before you move into this section of Designing Your Schedule For The Week!

Turn back to your weekly page Again

I know we went over this last class but I want to go a little more detailed into these pages for today.

You can fill out your weekly pages two months at a time is how I do it.
Then at your monthly overview focus on the upcoming month to fill out the entire month in the weekly to be prepared.

Start with your Personal Build and Modification sections.

Design what you will focus on your “to do” task to get closer to your Dream or end result you want.

Build on each week to get closer by removing or adding things in these sections.

Set up the month so you are ready and have taken the time to break this down and know what to focus on for the week.

Each week you will work on the “to do” for each aspect. Put a check mark, mark through the writing, or put an X when you complete that task.

Fill in the chart at the bottom for your tracking daily for the week.

You can put in things you want to do daily or you can put in Personal Maintenance and a note in the box for the day of what you are going to do which day.

You can put any tasks you want to do every day or for a specific day of the week here.

Personalize this for you!
Make an X or put a checkmark throughout the week as you accomplish it!

The beginning of each week you are going to start at the top section.

I like to do my week every Monday.

Sit down and fill out your I Am statement for the week.

This becomes your weekly affirmation.

Set your intention on what you will focus on for the week as well.

Remind yourself every day to

Smile more, have intention and BE FIERCE!

At the end of the week put your check mark in the box if you feel like you accomplished this.

Again, like the above I AM statement these are your daily affirmations for the week.

Use this weekly page to organize your thoughts and routines for the week.

What you need and want to focus on.

Always schedule YOUR items first! This is the most important habit to start doing.

Keep checking back on this weekly page every day throughout the week.

Lesson Tasks

Time to design your week for you!

Remind yourself of your weekly focus throughout the entire week.

You can do your Week Schedule the end of every month to be ready for the coming month. BUT use your focus and I AM statements to set them at the beginning of every week.

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