Break Down Your Days in Your Schedule

This is going to be the most detailed aspect of your schedule and your calendar

Breaking things down into one small piece at a time
makes it easier to follow through with your Big Picture Goals

Turn to your Daily Pages

Time to go one steep deeper into scheduling. The daily activities and schedules for the week.

You can fill out your daily pages two months at a time is how I do it.

Then at your monthly overview focus on the upcoming month to fill out the entire month in the weekly to be prepared.

Again….put things in the schedule for YOU first!

Add in work hours or responsibilities.

Make sure you schedule your Personal Maintenance items in the weekly for you as well!

Maybe date night for you and someone close.

Then put in Home, family or kids activities.
Things for others go in next.

As you start to see the schedule get more things on it, you can decide if you are able to add everything in.

If there is a lot or not enough time…..

Remove items that are not crucial or say NO to things that do not fit.

DO NOT take off your time for YOU to replace it with a responsibility or action that is not crucial and that you could say NO too.

Remember our end goal is that we shift this schedule to look like our Perfect Day from the worksheet we did before.

Your boxes for each day are for your “to do” today.

This can be errands, things to remember or set up/schedule, places you need to go.

You can also add in things to do for YOU or mindsets to stay in for the day.

As you complete each one add a check mark or X to feel accomplished.

Sunday does not have the hours for the daily schedule in it.

I know sometimes I work on Sunday so I fill in my own hours of when I am working.

Use this open day to only put hours in of things you have scheduled. Try to incorporate Personal Maintenance and Personal Build aspects into this day for YOU.

You have room for your weekly notes to add in “to do” lists, things to remember, things to schedule or as a little mini journal to track what happens throughout the week.

Don’t forget to fill out the I have gratitude for at the end of every week.
Keeping focus on staying in the right feeling is so important to help aid with motivation and inspiration to make it easier to keep going forward for SUCCESS.

This is now your Just Do It area!

Focus everyday on getting closer to doing the things you have on your schedule for you!

Incorporate new habits into your life and schedule.

Give yourself the ability to start saying NO to things that do not fit into your schedule.

Work hard on not changing things around in your schedule. Try to stay as close to your original plan for your days as you can.

This is your trail to success and creating a life that you are living for you.

Lesson Tasks

Work through organizing and breaking down to zoom into your Month.

Make sure you take your time to do your monthly schedule before moving to the next lesson.

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