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Be Your Own Mechanic and Just Do It!

It is time to do the Hands On Work in this Section!

You can do more than you ever dreamed possible! Get out there and JUST DO IT!

Live Training Class #5

Watch the Live Training Webinar Class #5 Replay.

This is the time to get your hands dirty, roll up your shirt and get to the doing part. That is the only way you accomplish anything is to do it.

Today we are going to work through

How to bring forward everything you have designed and planned out into your schedule.

The best practices on what you add when into your schedule when you sit down to map out your month, week and day.

Personalize how you use your tracker and what you add into it in what order.

Incorporating Habits to make you stay on track and reach SUCCESS.

It is time to take control of the schedule Aspect and put all the pieces together from all the classes…. Into our schedules and


Lessons for Your Personal Build and Mod Course

The lessons from the Live Training Webinar are broken into lessons in this section for you. The downloads are available below the list of lessons as well on each individual lesson page. To ensure that you have the worksheets for each piece of the training.

Lesson 1 : Year Overview

You have to first see the big broad picture before you can zoom in and see the fine details.

Start with your big picture overview and then you can easily break down piece by piece to create your detailed schedule.

Lesson 2: Schedule Your Months

This is the next step to “zooming in” on your year and schedule.

The monthly is more in depth than your yearly with more scheduled but not as in depth and broken down as the next section the weekly.

Use your monthly calendar with a focus and a plan to get the most out of your time and schedule.

Lesson 3: Design Your Week

Ready to zoom in even one level deeper?

It is time to break down and schedule the weeks out. Just like we talked about in the Monthly Lesson we are going to be focused on the order we add tasks and commitments into our schedule.

Lesson 4: Break Down Your Days

Break down into the greatest detail of your schedule with the Daily Page.

Organize and track your daily schedule, focus and progress.

Lesson 5: Stay on the Trail

You have everything you need to hit the Trail and Navigate 2021.

I want to finish up with this Stay On The Trail lesson to remember you have tools to look back on and to stay driving down your trail to your own destination.


The downloads for the Section #5 Lessons:


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