Time to grab the Wheel with both hands and Drive Your Life

Our Jeep teaches us so much about ourselves, life and who we want to become. Together we are going to harness the power of our Jeep to focus inward on bringing our best self forward!

Below you will find the Drive Your Life Program broken into Five sections.

Take your time and work through each of the sections and the lessons inside.
Jump in and watch the One Day Workshop Class as well Inside each Section you will find the Video Training Class that goes with that section. Inside each Section you will find the Video Training Class that goes with that section.

The class is on the main page for that Section Home Page

One Day Workshop Class

#hardtruth “Why New Year Resolutions Do Not Work.” Plus, a Ring In The New Exercise!

Connect To & Find You

The most important place to start this year is to start within yourself. It is time to connect to who you are and find the you that you may have lost along the way.

Build Your Power

Now that you connected and found your inner self again…the next step is to build up your power.
This Module dives into how to build your power up, mindset tools, focus, physical and more.

Personal Maintenance

You fill the gas tank when it gets low, you do routine maintenance and service on Jeep…..now it is time to layout your Personal Maintenance Schedule and Design. You have to refuel yourself!

Your Personal Build & Mods

Just like you Build your Jeep and add mods we can shift to set up aspects and changes in our life to mimic that of our jeep build.
Time to focus on modify us and our life around us.

Be Your Own Mechanic

The time to Just Do It! This is following your plan, routine and design. Incorporate those habits, using your planner and plain Just Do It.

Get Connected!

Make sure you get connected so you know where to look for posts, live training and more. We don’t want you to miss a thing.


Make sure you are connected to each other. 

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