Finding Stillness

It is easy to allow the chatter, noise and what is going on around us in the world to take over our thoughts

“There is no shortcut . It takes time to build a better, stronger, version of yourself.” – Gymaholic
Your mind is a powerful thing. The mind wants to be “busy” all the time. Today, I want to focus on finding stillness and quiet the busy mind.

The Easiest Way To Find Stillness Is In Nature

Stillness is a crucial piece in balance. It is also important for finding the quiet inside your mind.

To get started it can be the easiest to do this exercise with nature.
Go outside and spend a couple minutes just focused on a tree, a plant or anything that is still. Focus on that nothing but the stillness. Allow your mind to stop thinking, stop the chatter. Sit and focus on that moment of silence and stillness.

Use this exercise daily. Train yourself to start to look for and notice the stillness and silence. It is between sentences and thoughts as someone is speaking. It is also between your own thoughts and words.
Be a stillness seeker this week!


Shift and change cannot happen in noise and thought. A true shift happens in the quiet and stillness.

We will work through the entire process together from start to finish. In the end you will have a solid plan to work through. Today is step one….

Lesson Tasks

Take judgement and bias out as you do this exercise today!

You are not thinking or focusing on the “how” today at all!

No goals, no changes, none of that!de perspective the interaction and how people are acting and responding.

Make the effort to not allow others to change how you are feeling.

Daily Tracker

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Ways I can focus on Stillness
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