Challenge Lesson 5

Use your Emotional Guidance System

Understand how your emotions can help shift you from where you are now to where you want to be.

Our Emotions Are Messages Too Teach Us.

There are no good or bad feeling emotions.
Emotions are meant as indications or ways your body communicates to yourself.

You are NOT asking anything to change, get better, or release.
Learning to listen and be able to sit with your emotions, ask yourself questions and be aware of how you feel is important to your happiness.

The Emotional Guidance Scale was one of the first tools that made a lot of sense to me.

I felt programmed that I shouldn’t feel angry, blame or hatred. It was almost as if those were the dark emotions or what I was never supposed to feel.

I was told I should always live in a place of joy, happiness or contentment.

The reality is everyone feels angry, blame, hatred and fear. Those ARE all human emotions. They are emotions that indicate what is going on right now, in this moment, or this exact space in life. In this tip it is about acknowledging where reality is and what you are feeling.

The Emotional Scale

Imagine a scale that went from the best feeling emotion to most disconnect or uncomfortable emotion. (This is not about good and bad or negative and positive just how you are feeling emotionally.)

The word for each emotion will bring up a feeling for each of those words. The feeling is how you rank where on the scale it puts you. Most connected to your authentic self feels the best and the most disconnected will feel not good. You will go through each word and put them in order from best feeling emotion to the most uncomfortable or disconnected emotion.

You will gauge each word and how it feels against the next word so you search for the absolute emotion you don’t want to sit with to a better feeling emotion.

To each person, emotions can hold a different feeling, so this is not the absolute truth for everyone.

Honor yourself and what you are feeling!

You have to be HONEST and true to what you are feeling to be able to move from the space or feeling you are in. If you are dishonest or try to be at an emotion that you do not really feel you are only hurting yourself. There is no right or wrong, there is nothing “wrong” about being at the bottom feeling emotion.

It is getting your SET POINT of where you are right now, in this moment and how it feels. That is where you are at on the scale at this exact point in time. Understanding emotions and feeling is important for this exercise. Your SET POINT can change from the morning, work or evening.
Your SET POINT can even change from hour to hour based on what you are thinking and how it makes you feel.

Use this Scale as a tool to get comfortable and honest with yourself on where you are and what you are feeling.

– Adapted from ‘The Teachings of Abraham’

Being honest and aware of how you are feeling right now can offer a sense of relief in itself

Lesson Tasks

Be honest and gentle with yourself

Remember there is NO good or bad emotion! Honor where you are at.

Tracker for the Lesson

Be honest and make notes of where you are right now, today, on the emotional scale
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Realistically, where can you move to in how you are feeling right now? Notes on that
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