Challenge Lesson 6

Put In The Daily Work

Follow a plan and work that plan everyday.
It takes 30 days of doing the same thing for it to become a new Habit.
Try and map out your daily routine and tasks into small pieces.
Do not try and make a lot of changes all at once.
Focus on 1-3 things at a time. That is working within reality.

Time for some “tough love” today. Honesty is important to this A$$ Kicking Challenge!

It would be great if you could fill out your workbook, plan and it happened easily.

The truth is….. that is not how it works to make important and meaningful changes in life.

You must put in the work. You must make changes, even if it is a struggle and hard. The only way to succeed is to push through.

The trail to change is not an easy trail.
It is a hard trail…. but I know you have all the equipment and modifications that you need to reach the end of this trail successfully.

Today, remind yourself that you are a bad ass! You can make every change you decide on. You will make it to the end of this hard trail. You are worth it! You deserve it!

Now put in the work. Re-visit and even revamp if you need to, your daily plan you know you must complete to make changes.

Use the form below to layout your path on your trail. Just keep moving forward! You don’t have to be speeding along….. a steady crawl will get you out of the trail.

It is time to start putting in the daily work…. but we are doing this together.

You are not alone!

In fact, if you want to jump into the group and share one aspect from today with everyone, I would love that.

You are a daily task master!

Lesson Tasks

Fill in your Tracker for this lesson below.

Remember it takes 30 days of doing the work for it to get easier.

Have a plan and work that plan everyday.

A little at a time makes big changes over time.

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