Challenge Lesson 4

It is OK to NOT be OK!!

“HONOR YOURSELF! Especially in the moment”

Challenge Day 4 is giving yourself permission and honoring yourself in the moment!

We all have our days, and moments…. as we are talking about all the positive and powerful mindsets to help move you forward into the best year yet… I have to take a moment today to say you CANNOT be happy all the time! That is okay!

Why did I pick today to share this with you?


Yet another piece in creating our best lives and best selves is being able to acknowledge where we really are. This was a very hard concept for me for A LOT of years.

When someone would ask me “how I was” or “how things were going” I always answered “good” or “fine.” Even if my world was falling apart I didn’t want anyone else to know. I always tried to hold it together. I would even try and talk myself out of being upset or broken. I learned this lesson….

Everyone has downs, struggles and moments we just fall apart. The key is to be kind with yourself in those moments. Actually give yourself the permission to be upset and emotional.

You do not have to always be strong. It is OK to admit to someone that you are not Ok and Why! That can feel very vulnerable….but remember that the key to connecting and listening to yourself is to REALLY LISTEN.

Do not pretend you are ok when you are not. That is being unauthentic and it can feel worse inside then opening up and admitting how you really feel.

Remember…we are building skills that help you to develop tools and ways to not stay in that feeling as long….but when you are there you NEED TO ADMIT HOW YOU FEEL!

Do not pretend!

Lesson Tasks

Be Kind To Yourself Today

Give Yourself Permission That It Is Ok To Not Be Ok.

Live present in your moment

How to be Kind

Use the spaces below to help set up new mindset, focus and kindness for yourself.

What I need to remember to tell myself
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Ways it is Ok for me to Not Be Ok right now
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Ways I can be kind to myself through this process and while using this new mindset
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