Challenge Lesson 3

Have Fun with this Game Today!

Joy is created inside yourself!
Today is about the conscious focus of creating Joy and Excitement purposefully.

This Game is a way to boost how you feel by finding your specific focus….not to mention FUN.

The Easiest Way To Find Stillness Is In Nature

The name of the game is ‘find the good and happy around you’ all the time. (AKA Appreciation Game)

Start by playing the game when you would like to go from how you currently feel to a better feeling place.

I like to play this game when I am down a little and need a pick me up to help move me to a better feeling place. I might be driving in the Jeep, outside or even at a store. That is the beauty of this exercise; you can and should use it everywhere.

Look around you and find 1 thing that really jumps out at you that makes you feel happy or appreciative. It can be something like;

I am grateful and appreciate the sun. I appreciate how it shines so bright and warms me.

That is just the beginning to the limitless joy you can find around you. Make this into a game. Start with one focus, hold that focus for at least two – five minutes. Go more and more in depth into what you are grateful for and the aspects in that focus and continue to elaborate on those aspects for the two to five minutes.

  • I am grateful for my Jeep today.
  • My Jeep makes it easier for me to get somewhere.
  • I can get places having more fun with my Jeep.
  • My Jeep is fun to drive as I go places.
  • I am very comfortable as I drive in my Jeep.
  • My Jeep makes me feel so strong.
  • My radio works so great, I have perfect driving music.
  • The road is like my playground of fun.
  • It is like a tank of excitement.
Once you have held that one specific thing that you find makes you happy, then challenge yourself to move right onto something else that brings you joy. Try to find as many aspects of each that you can, and again the goal is to hold yourself in that feeling of fun and joy for 2-5 minutes for each thing.

I appreciate and am grateful for the trees. The green of the leaves are beautiful and I find joy in the shade the tree offers.
I am grateful for the birds. The lovely sounds are like music and an anthem to my day.

If you can start with once or twice a day or as you want to move into feeling better. You will find that it will get easier and easier to play the game and you can even begin to challenge yourself more. When you train your brain and train how you want to feel you will begin to use this all day.

You can effortlessly see things without having to focus and hold the feeling. It is all about doing something over and over until it becomes a habit. For so many of us we have a habit to go to what is wrong, or what we want to fix. This fun game can condition our new habit to be to see all the good without putting the effort or thought into after we do it enough.

Enjoy this game and begin to make challenges and have fun with this

We will work through the entire process together from start to finish. In the end you will have a solid plan to work through. Today is step one….

Lesson Tasks

Have some fun with today’s lesson and play a game!

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