Challenge Goal Breakdown 

The Goal Breakdown Worksheet & Focus On Your New Habits in Your Daily Tracker

Break Down Your Goals Again To Get Clear!

Not just another goal break down worksheet

I know you maybe asking….”why so many exercises and worksheets about goals?”

Because the more you do something the different answers you will have as well as training the new focus into your brain.

Turn to your “Goal Breakdown” page or Download the Worksheet Below

Start with the Mastery Section first.

Make a list of what skills you need to build or work on. What do you need to learn to achieve your goal? This is what do you need to learn or get better at “Master” to be able to easily reach your goal.

This is at the highest or most advanced level. So to be at the highest level of skill and knowledge or the “master” level.

Who or where can you learn from for these skills or knowledge?

Now work on your “Fundamentals” list in the next section.

This is the understanding of skills and breakdown you need to learn. It is the Intermediate or in between stage. You build on the foundation in the section below. You then work on the fundamentals and spend most of your time here to create the skill and time practicing.

This section is the basic foundation skills or knowledge you must learn. Think of this as having the starting skills, ability or knowledge at the most basic level to achieve your goal. You will build on these building blocks as you move up.
Look at the different steps and skill levels required as you break up your goal. Go into detail on how you will learn these skills or knowledge. Where can you go to get this or who can you learn from? Be specific in what, how and where you build at the 3 different levels.
Take one aspect of where you are and the next step, piece, ability or knowledge you need to learn. Write that in your Daily Progress Tracker for the rest of the week. Focus on that aspect every day and make sure to give yourself your X when you complete that for the day.

Lesson Tasks

Work through the 3 aspects in the Goal Breakdown

Add your habit or change into your daily tracker to focus on for the rest of the week

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