Have a Recovery Plan for when life tries to make you pull cable

Know how to recover yourself and you will never be stuck for long!

This is page 9 in your planner.
Move to the bottom section that says Recovery.

What are 5 things you can do when times get hard?

Just like any trail…
In life you are going to hit some muddy spots, hard hills, and so on.
What are some things that you can do when you hit those hard times and spot?

Re-finding your inspiration and motivation…
Connecting back to the “why” you are doing this and wanting it in the first place.
Know who you can ask for help or just vent to…
Have a support system or person that you know you can talk to if you need to. Just so you are not alone.
Do you need to let off steam and clear your mind?
Go to an awesome Jeep event or trail ride.
Go out for a fun night of some drinks and dancing.
Roll down your Jeep window and Scream
Re-visit my vision board and schedule to see what I want and how to shift or change to get myself back on the schedule.

Have a plan so you know where to look when things get harder. That way you will not stay stuck for long!

How to be Kind

Write out all the ideas you can for how you will pull yourself up and out if you start to get stuck or down.
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It is important to have the plan ahead of time so it is ready and waiting for when you need it.

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