Incorporate Your Jeep

It is amazing how Jeep Lessons are Life Lessons!

Our Jeep teaches so many things!

Jeep lessons transfer into life lessons in so many ways

Be aware and notice the shifts you make in your life.
Look for those lessons all the time.

Take a moment and think back on your first drive in your Jeep.
What was that first drive like?
How did you feel?
What changed for you in that instance?
Fast forward a little….
What moments have changed you, empowered you, given you strength from your Jeep experiences?

The Jeep is a vessel we can harness to shift our lives.

I have grown in strength and self confidence. My Jeep lessons have taught me a lot.

      • I can do anything I want to do.
      • I am self sufficient
      • I am powerful
      • I am strong
      • When life gets hard you put in 4 low and keep crawling forward.
      • With dedication and practice I can drive harder terrain.
      • I am enough

Think back to lessons that your Jeep experiences taught you. How did they transfer over into everyday life?

How did they shift what you feel about yourself?

What motivation or strength did you gain?

When you incorporate your Jeep lessons into life lessons you are harnessing a power that many are not so lucky to experience.

Moving into Recovery this week, I wanted to start the week off with a lesson to incorporate your Jeep into the focus for this week.

Create your Jeep Lessons are Life Lessons today

Lesson Tasks

Take a moment and think about the lessons you have learned from your Jeep.

Track those lessons below.

Stay open to the possibilities going forward to notice what Jeep lessons become life lessons for you.


List all of your Jeep Life Lessons. You can continue to revisit this.
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