Straighten Your Crown

You Are The Queen Of The Trail!

You are royalty!

The Easiest Way To Find Stillness Is In Nature

You are the Queen of the trail!

You are strong.

You are special and you have everything you need from within.

When things get tough….
straighten your crown,
stand a little taller
and remind yourself of who you are!
You have put in the work! You are learning, shifting, changing and making positive changes for you.

That carries forward into everything around you.

Every situation you encounter.

People around you notice and feel the light and energy you give off.

Your relationships change, and you are creating positivity and inspiration all around you.

Is that not what being royalty is about?
Helping to bring forward the light you want to see in everything and everyone around you.

Remember that you have the power to make changes! For you and for others.

Straighten your crown….Drive Your Life Into The Royalty That You ARE.

Lesson Tasks

Spend a moment to remind yourself the strength you have within.

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