How To Utilize 4 Wheel Drive Low….

In your Jeep and in your life!

4 Wheel Drive Low is your “crawl” gear.

When to use 4 Wheel Drive Low vs. 4 Wheel Drive High

When you are in your Jeep headed down the trail you want to have a solid understanding of your 4 Wheel Drive.
A basic overview;
4 Wheel Drive High is your “cruise” or faster speed gear. If you are driving over about 10 or 15 MPH you want to be in 4 Wheel Drive High.
When you come to an obstacle, harder part of the trail or a technical place….that is when you utilize your 4 Wheel Drive Low.
I think of 4 Wheel Drive Low as your “crawl” gear. I am not going in depth technical on 4 Wheel Drive today (check out the Members Area or Jeeping In A Weekend 101 for a deeper breakdown of 4 Wheel Drive) I am sharing a basic understanding.

How does this relate to you and your life?

You are just cruising along in 2 Wheel Drive and all is going great. The road seems to get a little rocky…. you go to 4 Wheel High and that helps. You are back to cruising along. You come around a turn and BAM….a big huge hill sits in front of you.

You start up the hill in 4 Wheel Drive High, but you start to lose traction. You get to where you cannot go forward at all. Put it down into 4 Wheel Low and start your crawl again.

It is slow.
It is steep.
It is hard.

You are not making fast progress…..but your tires are still moving forward.

You eventually make it up that hill and return to flat ground. The trail opens back up and the terrain returns to an easy ride ahead. Back into 4 Wheel Drive High you go, and you return to cruising.

Use this understanding behind the wheel of your Jeep……
and behind the Wheel of Life.

Why do I keep sharing this with you?
Because it is hard to keep going.
It is hard to push and I will continue to remind you that

Do not pretend!

Lesson Tasks

Complete this lesson by reading the overview of 4 Wheel Drive Low.

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