Physically Build Your Power With The Power Pose

The more you practice taking the stance of a Super Hero the more your body as well as neurological reposes fill with that power from within.

Power posing is a discredited hypothesis in psychology that claims that by assuming a “powerful” posture, subjects can induce positive hormonal and behavioral changes.

I am not sure if you have heard of the Power Pose.

There has been a lot of studies and Amy Cuddy wrote an entire book on the Power Pose.

What is the Power Pose

The proven science that when someone is feeling powerful they expand their bodies.

Stand taller, grow in stature.

The body responds to the feeling of power from within.

The Power Pose is the idea that we are going to create the feeling within our body that then fills us with the feeling of POWER.

Imagine Wonder Woman

Standing in her powerful pose.

This is your Power Pose to physically create more POWER inside you.

She is strong….
and she can handle ANYTHING!

Nothing can or will stop her!

Use The Power Pose

Practice using this pose randomly throughout your day…..
Feel how your body physically responds and then in turn how your inner emotional body responds as well.

Stand with your feet hip width apart.

Put your hands on your hip.

Imagine you are Wonder Woman….full of all the Power and Fierce Belief that you can do anything, stop anyone and handle anything….just like her.

Stand in that power pose for a couple minutes and really own that feeling of strength and power.
Notice what shifts inside of you….

I challenge you to at least once a day for the next week do your Power Pose.

Especially before a stressful or difficult situation you are going to face.

Make a note of how you begin to feel in your body as well as your inner emotions as well as you reach the end of the week.

I can’t wait to hear your results!

Go Deeper

Go deeper into your understanding and use of The Power Pose by watching this Amy Cuddy video of her Ted Talk about body language and the use of the Power Pose.


Lesson Tasks

Watch the additional training video on The Power Pose brought to you by Amy Cuddy who did the original research on this concept for more real results and how you can utilize this concept for you.

Take the time everyday to stand in your Power Pose.

Start to notice if anything begins to shift for you.

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