Challenge Day 54 Lesson

Know where you are starting and where you want to get to with this Live Your Perfect 10 Exercise!

Never be afraid to change the path you are on. Reverse is not a loss; it is a smart and thoughtful re-adjustment.

You are driving along…..

come to an obstacle and start to navigate up and over.

You get stuck….

the tires are spinning and you are going no where.

Don’t back all the way back out the trail. Reverse, re-adjust and change the line or path you were taking.

I am not sure where the thought came from….

“If you have to back up you failed.”

When you are stuck, in your Jeep or in life, a thoughtful mind will look for a better path.

Take your time, use reverse to change the current path, and try again.

Don’t Be Afraid to Use Reverse! We all need to try a different line/path at times.

Believe in yourself and your ability!

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