Create Your 30 Day Plan

1 Page Bliss-iplines Tracker Worksheet

Do things that make you feel happy and feel good.

Create Your Bliss-iplines!

Section 1: Your Rise and Shine Routine;

You have spent time throughout this entire challenge creating Personal Maintenance and Self Care Habits. As well as your routines and how to incorporate that into your daily tracker and schedule.

On this one page worksheet design what you will do for your perfect morning routine for the next 30 days after this Challenge.

Be detailed in this section.

Imagine the perfect morning…..the morning that would set you up to have an amazing day and feel amazing too.

What do you as the first thing when you get out of bed?
Do you stay in bed as part of your routine for 10-15 minutes to meditate or use a mindset exercise to set yourself up for the day?
Spend the time to map out the next 30 days of the perfect morning routine here.

Section 2: Goal Review;

You have spent a lot of time breaking down your goals, creating your WHY and making the HOW plan to get you there.

What goals will you review everyday?
When (be specific) will you review those goals in your day?
Where will those goals be located?

Section 3: Hydrate-Drink Water;

Water is important for so many aspects of health, energy and mental clarity.

Your goal is to drink 8 glasses of water a day minimum.

What are some ways you can help to ensure you get to those 8 glasses per day?
Specific times or meals you drink water?
Can you create a trigger that reminds you to drink water?

Section 4: Get Your Move On;

Exercise and Movement is important not only for health but also for energy.

I am not talking about moving and working out to lose weight.(If that is a goal that is awesome!)
But there are benefits for energy levels and brain function as well as the physical benefits of moving.

One of the High Performance Habits used by the most successful people in world is this….. Set an alarm on your phone for every 90 minutes. When that 90 minute alarm goes off you have to get up and move!
OK…I hear the resistance now.

“I am at work”
“I can’t just get up and move”

but the truth is YES YOU CAN!
Briskly walk down a hallway, to the restroom, stand up and move in place all work for getting your move on.

Just get up and move!
Plan this into your day as a New Habit to form.

Mark daily when and how you will move and exercise.

Is it going to the gym at a set time?
Doing yoga at home?
Walking the dog around the neighborhood?
Parking farther out at work and power walking in and out for the day?
What will you put in this section for your activity and exercise every day?

Put in things that are reasonable and make it easy for you to have success.

Remember these are bliss-iplines so they need to make you feel good when you do these not dread them!
Start easy and continue to grow forward.

Section 5: Feed Your Spirit;

What are things that you can do on a daily basis that help to feed your spirit?
Can you add in meditation?
Taking 5 mins of silence to “just be”?
Read a specific book or article?
Listen to your favorite speaker?
What are things that help you to feel more aligned and centered in your spirit?

I listen to my favorite speaker pod casts every morning while I shower and get ready and on my drive into work. That way I have set myself up for the day to be living in the space I want to be in. This is a way to shift how I feel first thing in the morning.

The more you feed your spirit the greater the roots that take hold and that in turn helps to keep you secure in the feelings and space you want to be in.

Section 6: Fuel Up!;

You know that what you put into your body directly is related to how you feel and your energy level.

The cleaner you eat with less sugar and additives the clearer your mind is and the greater your energy level long term.

Trust me…this is the hardest aspect for me. When life gets busy it can be easy to fall into the “quick” routine of grabbing something on the fly.

What are some things you can do everyday that will help you to increase your personal fuel level with what you eat?
Is there a way to cook meals ahead one or two days a week?
Make sure to only eat fresh meat, vegetables and fruit?
Can you pack snacks and meals ahead to take with you?
Is it saying “no” to the foods that do not serve your body on a daily basis?
Making a different choice at your meals?
Replacing one thing for another?

Remember habits take time to form…but if you focus on this daily for the next 30 days at the end of the 30 days you will find it much easier to make the new choices.

A side note- it takes 30 days for build up to leave your body and all of your cells. So that means if you cut out all sugar it will take 30 days until all that sugar is completely out of your body and the cravings stop. Remind yourself of that as you make changes. It is not that you really want something or your body really wants it…it is like a detox.

Section 7: Gratitude;

Having gratitude and appreciation is something that fills us with a good feeling.

Add into this section ways you can stay in that feeling of gratitude and appreciation on a daily basis.

You can start your day by speaking your gratitude out loud when you get up.

Play the game of appreciation at least once per day.

Make a list of appreciation every night.

What will you add your to space of keeping your gratitude bucket full?

Section 8: Sleep;

Sleep is crucial for mental stamina as well as energy.

Make sure you set up your sleep schedule.

Try to go to sleep or get in bed at the same time every night.

Wake up at the same time every morning.

Remember that it can take up to 30 days to change your sleep pattern.

Section 9: Jeep Time;

This is YOUR “it” time!

Jeep Time fills many aspects all at once!

What can you do on a daily basis to get your “Jeep Time” fix?
This does not have to be something like trail riding, off-roading, etc.

This can be as simple as taking a side road home for 5 mins of just being in the moment.

Doing something for yourself that fills you will joy and pleasure everyday is a crucial piece in staying in the emotion and feeling of your “why.”

Section 10: Say NO;

We talked about this in depth throughout the challenge and lessons.

Make notes of things you can say “no” to that drain your energy or don’t feel good to you.

What are some ways that you can say “no” that feel good to you?
Make sure to fill in the things to say “no” to as well as how to practice saying “no” as well.

Set yourself up to take things off your plate and NOT add things onto your plate that you really don’t want to do.

Section 11: Work Your Plan;

You have spent a lot of time creating your plan.

It is time to get out there and “Just Do It” now. Work your plan!
Fill in this section with daily focus, habits, etc. that will keep you on the right trail as you continue forward.

One small step at a time adds up to a big leap over time. If you can go 1% forward everyday at the end of the year that is 365% growth from where you are today! WOW! Focus on the small steps everyday.

Take the time now to create the daily routine, rituals and habits to focus on. This worksheet serves as your daily plan for the next 30 days.

Lesson Tasks

Download your worksheet below

Take the time to work through and fill in all 11 sections on the worksheet.

You are designing your daily focus and habits for the next 30 days in all aspects of your life.


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