Celebrate ALL your Success! No matter how small or how big you MUST Celebrate for YOU!

You have to help keep yourself excited, feeling motivated and feel good about what you are doing and where you are moving towards

“The More You Celebrate In Life, the More There Is In Life To Celebrate.” – Oprah

Celebration is a crucial piece!!!

This is also the most forgotten piece in our life! We have to celebrate and give the “great job” or “you did” to help increase the positive reinforcement for ourselves.

Take a moment and celebrate that you made it to here!!

Did you know more than 80% of people would have given up already and not made it to this point today!


That is a lot of people!! Celebrate that you are one of the 20% who is DOING IT and making the effort to change things instead of dropping off and allowing everything to be the same……yet again for another year.

How will you celebrate and reward yourself?

This piece Is really important!

Take some time and dream big too…. What can and will you do for you…. Because you earn it.

Some ideas might be :

  • Take yourself to your favorite lunch
  • Take yourself out to a nice dinner
  • By a new piece of clothing that makes you feel GREAT
  • Schedule a facial or spa time
  • Get a new mod for the Jeep
  • Schedule a getaway or vacation
  • Go to a cute “downtown” city and explore. Walk around and take it in.
  • Go spend an hour in the book store just for you.
  • Go to the local public library for an hour.
  • Think of things you don’t do for yourself but you really enjoy.

Congratulations on being at this Challenge Lesson!

Taking time for YOU and giving yourself a part on the back and doing something that feels special to you is how you keep yourself moving forward.

See you in the next Challenge!

Lesson Tasks

Make a list of all the fun ways you can DREAM about celebrating yourself.

Keep adding to this and use this as your reward and celebration sheet.

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Write your list of any/all ideas on how you can celebrate yourself.
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