Keep Your Motivation Going Strong…

A little day of rest and motivation!

Motivation and inspiration drive you to continue forward.
I believe there is only one kind of strong!????

But with that said….I do believe as women we are asked to harness a type of strong from within. The strength to take care of us and stay true to who we are at the root of our soul and not allow life to take any of that from us. The strength to push through and conquer in the job and business world as a professional, no matter what our job description is and what we do.

The strength to be a mother and take care of those who rely on us for every aspect of their lives.
The strength to be a strong and committed partner who is present and helps to balance the needs in our relationship.

The strength to be there for our parents when life reversed the roles and we need the strength to help them with their needs and shift in their lives.

The strength to be a friend who is understanding and listens when the fellow women around us are struggling with all those pieces that make up the strength we have to harness.

And above all else….the type of strength to do all those things with joy, compassion and love in hearts. I don’t know about you but to me that is the meaning of the word STRONG!

Give yourself some extra kudos today for all those things you find the strength to do, even if it is hard, even if finding the energy and strength to do it seems impossible at times. Because you still found the strength! That makes you STRONG!????

Your Second Piece of work today…..

Sit down and make your list of all things you do with strength! The little things, the big things and the mental or emotional strength those take.

Celebrate that you are HERE, working on your Challenge Today. 80% of people would have stopped. You are one of the 20% who pushes through to make changes. CELEBRATE that today!

Lesson Tasks

Take your day of rest but use this day to fuel your motivation and inspiration.

Write down your strength list.

Take a moment for you today. Remember the moments you have pushed through, the wins you have created and celebrate YOU!

Track Your Tasks

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Make your strength list
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Remember those "win moments" you have had throughout your lifetime
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